Classroom Volunteers

We welcome any parents or guardians who would like to take time and volunteer in their child’s classroom. These volunteers will assist in their child’s classroom on a regular basis, helping the teacher with projects, prepping materials for future lessons, and engaging the students in one-on-one or small group activities. All parent volunteers must DOJ background check.
*Due to state licensing regulations, Classroom Volunteers must provide verification of a negative TB test, and a good health statement in order to work in the classroom:


Activity Volunteers

These volunteers will lend a hand at any of our school-wide activities that are scheduled periodically throughout the year.
All volunteers must check-in at the office before continuing to the classroom, no exceptions. It’s also important for all volunteers to remember that in the classroom, the teacher remains responsible for the activities, schedules, and behaviors of each child. Volunteers are expected to defer to the rules and procedures of the classroom at all times.
Any parent who is interested in volunteering at Westside Christian Preschool is invited to contact the school office.

Give us a call: (530) 208-9919